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Invisalign makes use of a technology whereby thin synthetic clear braces are used in various stages of the treatment to align the teeth to a pre-determined position, making it the most advanced and transparent aligner system in the world. This innovative treatment method uses the latest techniques in orthodontics, allowing teeth to be rotated, intruded or extruded accurately.

The tooth movement mechanism involved is attained by Invisalign attachments which are placed in every individual teeth needed to be repositioned. The clear braces are widely used by orthodontists and dentists as a tool to achieve optimum functionality and aesthetics of the teeth and molars.

Benefits of Invisalign in a nutshell:
• Using ultimate innovative technology
• Have a higher degree of precision and predictability
• Keeps a healthier mouth during treatment period
• Personally and socially acceptable due to it’s transparency
• Easily adaptive, flexible, fitted and removed with no pain in comparison to traditional braces.

Being the perfect alternative to traditional braces, the Invisalign braces are extraordinarily innovative.

Invisalign treatment comes in different varieties:

  • Express package – 7 stages in one year
  • Light package – 14 stages 2 sets in 2 years
  • Extensive package – 5 years unlimited
  • Invisalign First – Cut precisely for the Youth (soon to be introduced)

Feel free to contact us for more information about this cutting edge Orthodontic Treatment. Give us a call at +31 181 399560 or send email to praktijk@mshimbula.com; we will be more than happy to assist you acquire the perfect smile you deserve.

Your first appointment:

  • We will examine your Dental Situation to determine if Invisalign Treatment is suitable for you.
  • We will deeply discus and analyze the underlined reasons regarding your desire to undergo the treatment as well as the financial consequents attached to it.

If you are comfortable with the analysis and the attached financial consequent a second appointment will be scheduled for the ClinCheck procedures. ClinCheck is a technical term used by Invisalign designing team, a procedure which involves the making of a computer model or a simulation of the path needed to achieve the end goal, this will ultimately determine how many aligners will have to be manufactured to obtain the desired end results.

Your second appointment:
The second appointment is basically a data collection phase, and the following will happen.

  • Silicone impression of your upper and lower jaw will be taken
  • X-ray pictures, minimal 6 of upper and lower jaw
  • Colored pictures of your teeth, minimal 5 of upper and lower jaw
  • Colored pictures of your face, minimal 3, profile as well as both the left and the right side

This data will be sent to Invisalign, within 4 days we will receive the ClinCheck planning explaining the trajectory of the treatment with within it the number of aligners needed to complete the entire treatment. The ClinCheck procedure can be exported to other format and sent by email for you to watch in your PC or Smartphone, this can be extremely useful in preparing you for the next appointment.

Decision making appointment:
In this appointment we will analyze the ClinCheck, you will have the opportunity to decide if you wish to go along with the treatment, based on your wishes we will decide weather to order the appliances or to discard the whole treatment. Should you decide to go on with the treatment, than the entire costs of the ClinCheck procedure will be not charged, otherwise you will be obliged to pay for the ClinCheck procedures as well as additional costs attached to the data collection phase. ClinCheck will cost you approximately € 300,00 additional costs made by us such as X-ray pictures are usually covered by your insurance.

Treatment phase:
Once the ClinCheck is agreed Invisalign will start with the production of the Aligners, Within 14 days these will be shipped to us. The actual treatment will begin with the placement of the attachments as indicated in the ClinCheck planning. Attachments are made of composite and can be adjusted to march the natural color your teeth and therefore transparent.

The total number of the Aligners required are always indicated in the ClinCheck, to achieve maximum results these need to be placed in the mouth for a minimum of 22 ours per day and to be replaced every one or two weeks with the next one corresponding to the following number in the series.

The possibility to allow patients to replace the aligners themselves at home my appear reasonable in certain cases, for example during long vacations. We basically advise our patients to let us do that in the practice. This gives us the opportunity to adequately follow the course of the treatment in real time, make necessary adjustments when needed and check the integrity of the attachments.